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So, uh, HI GUYS. It's been, what, like, eight months? That's a little sad, sorry.

The quick rundown is that I went to Africa (which was pretty amazing, I will tell you more someday!), and then I came back home and went back to school and work and now my life consists of SCHOOL and WORK and then HOMEWORK and some MORE SCHOOL. But don't let that sentence fool you, I'm secretly kind of loving it. I'm busy as heck, but it feels so wonderful to be using my brains again, even if sometimes I want to beat them out against a wall. (Damn you, physics!) I'm taking a bunch of science and math classes! It's going really well! I actually really love chemistry! I haven't decided exactly where I'm going with this ultimately, but I like the path so far. \o/

Basically, I miss you guys. I'm coming back to sneakily insert myself into your lives via the internet. I need someone who will listen when I talk about how excited I am that peanut butter Cheerios are now a REAL THING. Be excited. ♥
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Today I am:

- reapplying to college, HAHA
- watching 23624 hours of HGTV

This all means:

- I am GOING TO KENYA in a day and a half
- can I hack taking a bunch of science classes this fall to maybe later apply for PT programs?
- but secretly I just want to be a carpenter and build shit

I have also recently acquired my first sunburn of the summer, held a rockin' 4th of July bbq, and watched the first two seasons of Castle - damn you Nathan Fillion for being the most awesome! When I come back from AFRICA, I have a badass wedding to go to, we're taking a family trip down to Denver because my sister and her husband just BOUGHT A HOUSE, I'm getting OLDER, and my bff's aunt and uncle who let us crash with them in California are going to come visit! This summer is going to be SUPER.
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It's 2011! Which still sounds like a sci-fi movie from the '70s. Our New Year's Eve party was a pretty small affair - it was cold as heck and the roads were terrible so most of our promised attendees bailed out at the last minute. Some friends did show up! And I managed to entertain them by drinking too much whiskey on an empty stomach and lighting sparklers in the fireplace. Indoor fireworks! Not actually a great idea.

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I do get to get on a plane to North Carolina in two weeks to go see my sister and help her and her husband make the move to Denver. I am excited she'll be closer and that we'll hopefully get to see her more often and it makes Colorado a viable option for spring plans.

So bring it on, 2011! I think I'm ready.
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I need a new laptop (mine is ten kinds of sad and dying) and I'm not sure what to get! Please to be telling me what you have, how much you love it, why it is awesome etc. Or! Systems you have HEARD are awesome etc. I don't need anything super fancy, it will be nice just to have something that doesn't hate me. Thank you!

Also, hi. :)
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UUUGGGGH, A BUG JUST FLEW INTO MY MOUTH AND I THINK I ATE IT. Keeping the doors open for a breeze in this heat is becoming a PROBLEM.

Also, I have a cold sore in the middle of the summer, my life is groossss. I bet you're all glad I'm sharing again.
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My tan is so baaaad right now, I totally have pasty triangle boobs and the whitest ass ever. But it's too hot for clothes!

And yes, that IS the first thing I think you guys should know after (ANOTHER OH MY GOD) month of radio silence.

The excuse I'm going to use this time is that it's finally turned into summer here. Pretty much all of June was wet and rainy and colder than usual (which is actually really great because now hopefully August won't be a total firestorm) but now it's hot and sunny and I've been spending a lot of time outside playing. Summer in Missoula means hiking and barbecues and the Farmer's Market and baseball games and floating the river! Such good things! There is nothing like getting off work and jumping in the river with your inner tube and a cooler full of beer for an evening float.

I've been trying to keep up with what you all are doing, even if I haven't been very vocal about it. I miss you guys! Tell me what's going on with your lives, I'm going to try harder to show my face around here more often. ♥
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I saw pictures of my elementary-school-best-friend and her brand new baaaby for the first time today and it totally made me cry a little. I can't believe she's a mama! She's got a beautiful, healthy little boy they're gonna call Hank (Henry). So amazing!

In other news, I worked out too hard yesterday and my calves hurt, The Boy just left after watching Supernatural (ilu Mark Sheppard) and RuPaul's Drag Race is my new favorite ridiculous thing. Also, it snowed today. That's pretty much my life.
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I just ordered new glaaasses. It's been six years since I got new frames! That's insane, I didn't realize it had been that long. I think it's about time for something a little different.

Also, I think I have a shoe problem. Specifically, sandals. I WANT THEM ALLLL. I've bought, like, three new pairs of sandals in the past month and I JUST WANT MORE. They're so cute! My feet are ready for summer and meanwhile it snowed some more today, haha.

Forgetting the fact that I just admitted to spending money on shoes, WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE TO BE A GROWNUPPP. My new glasses are going to be awesome, but paying for them and the eye exam is not. Neither is having to spend $160 to sit in a room on a computer taking a standardized test for four hours. $160 for the privilege of taking the GRE! So that I can pay to go to graduate school. That's ridiculous. Also, groceries.